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The mission of the North County Education Foundation is to raise money and support for The Classical Academies: an organization of high-performing, award-winning independent study public charter schools. Having achieved success through a partnership with parents, high academic test scores, and educational recognition and awards, The Classical Academies continue to draw great interest. NCEF helps to fund tools, resources, classes, labs, and electives to ensure high-quality academic options for all students whom we serve.

About Us

Why Give

The North County Education Foundation (NCEF) is dedicated to promoting and supporting students who attend The Classical Academies. The foundation is committed to supporting these award-winning California public charter schools through passionately seeking grants and funding from private individuals, businesses, foundations, and philanthropic organizations with the goal of providing an excellent education for every student.

Public charter schools in the state of California are not funded at the same level as traditional public schools. Nevertheless, charter schools are expected to accomplish more with less. The funding gap created 20 years ago continues, and the inequity creates a greater burden on charter schools to produce sustainable positive outcomes with students over the long haul.

Charter schools have less in state funds to budget with, and in most cases are required to provide for their own school facilities. Traditional public schools have the benefit of full funding per student and a facility provided for them by the state.

Your support of the Classical Academies through the North County Education Foundation will provide essential revenue critical in balancing the annual operating budgets at all Classical Academy schools. Your contribution will supplement the educational programs The Classical Academies offer, and will strengthen and expand the school’s ability to maximize educational dollars.

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What People Say

NCEF continues to be a trustworthy, responsible, well-established entity with one goal:  The education of students through a partnership with parents. May it continue long into the future for many, many generations.

The Classical Academies has made such a positive impact on the lives of our children and community that we consider it an honor to give back.

We are happy to invest in the future of our local students through the North County Education Foundation; together we make a difference for students and their families.

The Classical Academies and their commitment to partnering with parents, has created a strong community that we are honored to be a part of.

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